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Dipak Thanki
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Hi I have just sat the FRA exam on Thursday and I know I've made some silly mistakes, which may cause big problems for me.

My 18th Birthday is on the 18th August and results come out on the 16th. So if I fail, then I'll be down until I get the CBE out of the way and also I plan to go on holiday at the end of August and if I have to re-sit this won't be an option any more.
+ I really can't be bothered to revise again in August.
And I am the kind of person who easily gets EXCEPTIONALLY stressed out.

I wanted to ask is it possible/allowed to just go randomly sit the exam again via CBE? I know I may have passed, but I'd be more than happy to pay then take the additional stress.

Also where do I go to sit CBE exams externally? I'm from Leicestershire, are there any places near to here (Inside East Midlands would be ideal).



  • GreenMousey
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    In answer to your question you can't sit a CBE while you are pending the results of your written test. You could, however, book one for any date after you've got your results...

    Don't be so negative, you may have passed anyways :)

    You can double check with your learning provider. I did my CBE's through Kaplan who have centres around the country that do CBE sittings.

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