Syllabus change?

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I sat the DFS paper last week and am fairly confident about it but if the worst where to happen and I fail and need to re-sit, will I be greatly be affected by this change of syllabus for next year?
Does anyone know what is being changed??




  • Matt444
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    Good point Tom, the same thought has crossed my mind.

    If somebody was to say fail a technician level exam from the June 2010 sitting would they be able to re-take on the new syllabus by transferring onto the new syllabus straight away?
    If this was the case, how quickly would you be able to take the CBE equivalent?
  • Lou1234
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    If you have failed any exams you still have December and June to re-sit.

    As far as I'm aware, no providers have yet come out and told students about what extra work is needed to move to the new standards or how much is it going to cost.

    My tutor said hopefully in a week or so they should know more.
  • welshwizard
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    It all depends on whether the computer absed assessments have been released - they are being introduced for all untis over the period September to December.
  • pirate
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    new units dont seem dissimilar on this level as they are for what we are currently doing.

    Level 4 – Diploma - Financial statements like DFS, Budgeting, Financial performance like MAC or PEV and PCR and 2 from credit control, personal tax, business tax or auditing – all computer based exam based then a project - like Unit 10
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