I'd never use an AAT accountant

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From another forum:
I dont think that with only basic AAT quals [becoming a self employed accountant] would work at all. Get yourself ACCA or CIMA qualified or dont bother.

In my opinion as a business owner as as someone who has a full time management accountant, and uses the services of an ACCA accountant, I wouldn't entertain the idea of using an only AAT qualified, self employed person. There is so much you cant do. For basic book keeping you would be ok but everything would then have to go through my accountant anyway.

Not trying to be negative in any shape or form. This is just my opinion.

Thought it might be an interesting discussion point.


  • truecockney
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    There are always people out there that are mis-informed about MAAT's and what they are qualified to do within a self-empoyed capacity. It's due to the lack of the protected "Chartered" in the title.

    The only difference is that we can not do any auditing work (depending on what we are licenced to perform, of course). In that instance, someone AAT qualified (and licenced to undertake the work required) can easily be considered to take on the work of that individuals Management Accountant plus some of the services provided by the ACCA Qualified Accountant.

    We can shout and scream all we want, but nothing will ever get through to some people. Although, that is their opinion and they have every right to state it.
  • Londina
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    good post Monsoon. I'm wondering the same in case one day I'd like to become self-employed.
    It's true that with the AAT we covered less that the chartered bodies, example VAT, there is so much involvement if you work in a practice, but in our studies so little has been covered (I wish there was more VAT and less management accounting ;-).

    We can offer cheaper rate for bookkeepping services, but then this is going to be too muck work for little money? We cannot offer tax consultancy etc..but this is there most of the money is earned
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