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My employers paid to get me through (hopefully) AAT and while I found it hard going and used to gripe each weekend because I had to study while others headed off to the beer garden-now it's over I'm itching to progress.
There's no way that my employers would pay for me to do ACCA as well so I'd have to fund that myself.
Apparently it's a load of exams and at least 3 years but does anyone know roughly what it would cost me to do it please?


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    14 exams less 3 expemptons @ £80 each plus a few resits?

    Plus annual membership for ACCA and AAT, although you will get both at discounted rates as you are still studying!

    Could try at least the initial modules using books only, see how that goes.

    I'm not a fan of the distance learning and how much they charge for what you get.

    It is good to do the later modules in a class, but you'd need to budget several hundred for each module.
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    Thanks for that.
    I found all through AAT that I've done the majority of the learning at home. I'm not saying that my tutors were poor but I'm just the kind of person who needs to sit quietly and alone for things to sink in completely so perhaps the distance learning could be for me? To be honest it hadn't crossed my mind.
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