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Does anyone know how many marks I might have missed on Section 2 for 2.2 b) I calculated the increase wrong and I knew it so when I had to answer whether the incentive was a good one I said no with a little waffle but didn't give figures as such? I hate the bloody reports! I also didn't put minus's next to the adverse percentages but did put adverse and favourable alongside the flexed budget.
This was a hard paper and a resit for me- weirdly I failed on section 2 in Dec. Section 1 was so tricky that I'd hate to fail on these things.


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    Re PCr

    I think section 1 is 75% and section 2 25%
    I agreed with you, it was a hard paper I wasn.t expecting the shock.
    It may be easy for people who work in manufacturing account department.
    AAT needs to take a look at this pcr again and should come to conclusion. it would be terrible to have a resit, Section 1 had task 1.1,1.2,.1.3 and 1.4 that was too much
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    You're right Terdoo. It's got to be a lot easier for those in Industry and section 1 was excessively long. Thanks for replying x
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