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I am a Member in Practice, and have recently been approached by a couple of people, to enquire if I provide training.

I have Consultancy on my license for computerised software, and have in the past, when on site at a clients, trained up a member of staff to use book keeping software and spreadsheets etc, to make my job easier, when I go to complete the accounts.

However, this time, I am being asked if I could train a member of staff to do book keeping or if I could train a member of staff to use Sage L50, in a formal way. IE, I am not providing any other services within the company, other than training.

I wondered if any members out there who provide training services, could put me on the right track of where to start. I would need some form of manual to follow that I assume I would have to write - or could purchase from somewhere, for the member of staff to follow. And where I am not just teaching book keeping, but am teaching Sage L50, do I have to get Sage approval first? I have used Sage L50 since 2004, and am proficient at it, but I have no qualifications with Sage personally.

The problems the enquirers are facing, is that they can only find a training company that will come out for big bucks for a minimum of 8 to 10 people. They want someone who costs less, who can provide this service on a one to one only.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully someone out there can offer some guidance.

PS, I posted this on the members forum, and as I am a new member, did not realise that there was a section for MIP, which I am. Sorry for the duplication.



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    We offered Sage training where I used to work and went through the full Sage accreditation process - it involved taking an online exam every year. Cost a bit too.
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