Unit 31

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Hi Guys

I'm just about to start unit 31, decided to do it at advance certificate instead of certificate. I'm doing distant learning so i'm not really sure what the process for this unit is.

Could someone give me some information regarding how simulations work for distant learners and what sort of time scale I should look at to complete it?

I need to do something to take my mind off of the FRA results date.



  • jenny3549
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    I think that things work slightly differently depending on which provider you are with. Mine sets assignments that have to be passed before you can enter for the simulation so yours could be the same.

    The simulation itself is a three hour part for the first section (consolidated accounts etc), then a three hour part for the second (computerised accounts). The third part is given to you at the end of the day to take away and you have 28 days to send it back - this is based on the third section (health & safety etc).

    As the simulations are written by the providers rather than the AAT what they are like could differ.

    I did mine at work which was great.
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