katz568 Registered Posts: 93 ? ? ?
All done, all signed off. Just got to wait for them to go through on to AAT systems now. Really thought I would have to do some extras on the Audit sim but was ok, project was signed off after his first read through and did closure interview this morning. H & S done and dusted too.
Now to try and find a job and decide what to do next, oh and CELEBRATE.


  • Rinske
    Rinske Registered Posts: 2,453
    Congrats! Well done you!
  • rachy1975
    rachy1975 Registered Posts: 366
    well done and many congrats...
  • ema192
    ema192 Registered Posts: 107 ? ? ?
    well done!!
    wooooooo, i have done finished my unit 10 all signed off today , just gotta wait till august now arrrgggghhhh!!!
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