anyone doing/done Arthur Manderson, short test 3

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hi everyone, im new here and have just discovered this forum, so im hoping to get some help please.

ive looked at this question, i know it is about incomplete records, so missing answers need to be found etc - the trouble is im not really sure exactly where to make a start to make up the bank account.

someone suggested to me to do T accounts for them all, then the closing balances for them would be the figure i put on the bank account - is this correct?

as we have 2 years figures, one is opening balance and one is closing balance i take it? so our opening bank balance is 1,500 for 2004, and closing is 2,000 for 2005 - so after ive put other things in the bank account, the closing figure to c/d should be 2,000 is that right?

we dont have a closing figure for capital amount either, or for sales and purchases, so all these need to be worked out.

i must sound so thick not even knowing where to start, just finding it all a little daunting doing distance learning and not having someone there on hand to help you etc.
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