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Getting a foot in the door?

katz568katz568 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 93
I've been signed off on my portfolio today for technician level, just got to wait for my DFS results now.
I've been trying to get interviews for some time now for anything to do with finance (ideally I would love to work in practise but i'm not silly and know its hard to get into even without factoring in lack of work experience). Is it just a case of offering to do work experience for no financial reward to gain that mark you can add to your CV so that they can see you are able?


  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    Hi Katz have you considered looking at admin jobs in practise it might be the way to get "the foot in the door" i did
  • katz568katz568 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 93
    Thanks thats a good idea, am willing to give anything a go.
  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    Let me know how you get on

    Good Luck :)

  • RowanBRowanB Well-Known Registered Posts: 158
    Hi Katz,

    I can completely empathise with your situation, as mine is very similar. Luckily I've managed to find some voluntary work as the treasurer of a local community centre where I am using a self-created Microsoft Excel accounting system to do the company's bookkeeping, expediting overdue credit orders and monitoring the centre's expenditure of grant funding, which might help me sneak my way into an accounts position, but it's very tough. I actually got rejected from an accounts assistant position with good prospects at the biggest company in my area on the basis of being overqualified. I don't think I can win! If you can find a good voluntary position, it's well worth doing if you would still be able to support yourself financially. Personally, I've made an alternative plan to pursue a career in statistics through an MSc in the subject, as I feel it would be foolish to rely on an accounting career coming to fruition. Sad, but true in my opinion. Good luck!
  • snowmaraudersnowmarauder Feels At Home Registered Posts: 99
    Well you wanna here the best, some months ago I applied for a job at a local firm, to be advised I was too over qualified and its aboring job anyway and I wouldnt be suited to it, no room for scope. Far enough as I know the MD and the OM and they now me very well, they had on a previous occassion helped me with my CV and HR gave me a mock interview to get me on my way. Well I applied for a job somewhere else and then got a phone call off the local firm, as they are on my character ref's and was offered either PR or SL, got there monday, saying in so many words interview was a formality and dont worry about it, in there for an hour, bearing in mind I had only had an interview 12 months before, everything going well, HR asked for updated cv (i said I hadnt brought one, I was told only to bring myself) so I took my level 2 cert and examples of Level 3 work. Asked about a start date and confirm salary. Told to expect a phone call and wouldnt be long. Sent updated CV email to be told in touch soon(yesterday) only to receive Sorry but not successful letter this morning, so I emailed for feed back, you never guess what, other candidates. worked in manuf env. etc etc and too confident for expressing a Kaizan attitude (i didnt know what it meant either until I looked it up), was asked about salary and I said I didnt know so would they advise but I knew that SL is about 15k and PR 16k to be told the position is for a trainee admin and the pay was considerably lower than this and they understand that is how much i am looking for. Which bit didnt they listen too. Well very disappointed and pd off about it as they phoned me, it is a bit more complicated, and that what pd me off the most, just wasting my time. Good job I hadnt told the agency I was finishing, Ive only just started. Well onwards and upwards and hopefully find something soon, its just all our plans are know out the window again. and im sorry but it has really got my goat, and I have just had to let it out somehow, before i strangle someone. xxxxx
  • snowmaraudersnowmarauder Feels At Home Registered Posts: 99
    You know what really pd me off, i went without my chilli massala sun, so i didnt smell of garlic.
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