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Can any one help?

I am in the process of amending a clients tax return for the tax year ending 05/04/08. This obviously means that I have to write a letter to HMRC as I am correcting a mistake after 12 months.

I have never done an amendment exceeding the 12 months.

Can someone be kind enough to let me know whether I should just include in the letter the box numbers and the correct figures or can I send a copy of the incorrect return and put the amended figures next to the incorrect figures.

If anyone has got a template letter they could pm me that would be even better.

Many thanks in advance



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    You can either send in a letter informing them which boxes are incorrect and what they should read or you can send in a new tax return with the correct information with a covering letter explaining that it is amending errors on the previous return.

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    It's been a while since I've done one of these so this may be out of date, but I think it still stands:
    As it's a year previous to 2008/09 tax year you don't have a 'right' to get it amended, but you can request for the return to be repaired under Section 33 of the TMA, claim for error or mistake. In practise I've never heard of HMRC refusing to repair a return.

    Edited to say that you can either write the changes in a letter or in the past I've photocopied the return and crossed out the incorrect figures with a red pen and written the correct ones alongside and that's been accepted.

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