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Hi everyone just joined this forum recently and looks like there is a lot of useful info here. Just completed intermediate and starting technician in sept.

My college has lost funding and am not working, therefore may not be able to do technician. If any 1 cn giv me advice on wat 2 do I will be grateful



  • Steve Collings
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    Hi Naz,

    I don't really know very much about student loans or the "best" deals that are currently on the market. However, we recently published an article about student loans (personal loans) on the AccountancyStudents site.

    It might be worth a read - however in all cases with any loan, be careful what you sign up for.

    Best wishes
  • Andypandy
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    Hi Naz,
    Sorry to hear about your college - mine has also & has had to put its' fees up to £2,500 next year. My course leader was saying that one in my area still has subsidised fees though, so it might be worth checking out the other colleges round about. Try & keep going though.
  • Naz
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    thanx for reply

    looks like I have to work my fingers to the bone for the fees!!

    A friend of mine just told me there is a college which pays for your fees whatever level your at, if its your first year.

    Worth looking into!!

  • CJC
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    My local college (Truro) has stopped concessionary rates for many of it's part-time courses this year. The business-y ones, including AAT, escaped. When I did my AAT course a few years ago there were quite a few other sources of funding available through the college - I paid half-fees under a scheme for small businesses. I've no idea if any of these sort of schemes still run but it might be worth looking into.
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