home study - seem to have quite a few simulations in osbourne books -to complete one?

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hey everyone
i am home studying and i have my osbourne books. i am completing the simualation for branson, but ive just noticed there are quite a few simulations in there all unit 5, but im only being asked to complete one. why is this do you think?

thanks to any help offered xx


  • anniebabe
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    We did all the ones ive emailed you, have a look. Or just do the ones out of Osborne I did those too, if you get stuck I can send you the answers like b4.
  • kerryhill100
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    ru studying with premier?

    I have only had to do one simulation for every unit with them. they ask you to do more if you fail the first one I think.
  • snowmarauder
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    I have a few if you want me to email them,
    [email protected]
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    Hi Guys,
    I am starting Unit 6 very soon, have been given simulation ECR1897, 1939, 1912 and 1963 -to look at later on in the course - will this be enough to go at? when I did Unit 5 we definately did loads more.
    Any tips and advise about this unit would be appreciated as I have never done this type of work before and it all looks a bit daunting.
  • lauram
    lauram Registered Posts: 49 ? ? ?
    yes i am studying with premier.

    yeah it doesnt seem a lot does it to just do one simulation, ive done the harvery one too just to get the practice in and may re do the ones ive done as i found them hard the first time round etc
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