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Have been looking at the ICAEW website but can't find much information about the ways of training for the ACA. I have hopefully nearly finished the Technician level of the AAT, only DFS to do in December, and need to look into the options for training for the ACA.

Currently, where I work, they train through Kaplan and go on courses for around 3 weeks at a time. This does not appeal to me at all, and would rather find a different way of doing it if possible. Has anyone any experience of the different ways of training for the ACA?

Thanks in advance.



  • shaunjubb
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    hi , i am currently studying ACA and i study through kaplan. not exactly in 3 week blocks but its more like 5 days here and 4 days there etc. seems like the best way to study in my opinion but if you're looking for another then that would depend where you live. ive always assumed kaplan to be the best provider of tuition for all courses
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