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Well here we are in July so time to get back on the horse!! Not really a question but just seeing what other people are thinking.

I am thinking of doing UT 17 Implementing Auditing Procedures rather than what was going to be my choice of UT 18 Business taxation.

A skills test will suit me better at the moment rather than waiting for December and doing back to back exams (just got a new job and may actually have to do some work rather than my AAT at this new place) and I also think with my career I will probably not use taxation but work in an industry (law firm accounts) where we are very closely audited so I reckon that I will plump for UT 17 for relevance as well as time issues.

After the experience of peoples 1st optional unit at this level has anyone else changed their choice of 2nd unit??!?


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    i am doing cmcc and my (hopefully) pass of ptc. if i fail ptc, i will then be sitting the audit sim, as i want it all over and done with also. december is too far away to do another exam and then wait till feb for the result.

    i am doing my unit 6 sim as we speak and once that is done i will do my unit 7, i will then crack on with my cmcc one
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