Practice CBE's?

amyjayne27 Registered Posts: 314

I found a while back an FRA CBE somewhere on this site, but I cannot find it now? Can anyone tell me where practice CBE's are please?




  • Naz
    Naz Registered Posts: 18 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Type CBE in search box. It s houd come up as Computer Based Assesments (CBA)
  • jenny3549
    jenny3549 Registered Posts: 472
    They have changed things around recently so if you now go into the study zone box in the middle of your MyAAT page it takes you to a list of the pathways. If you click on the new qualification one it will bring up a practice CBA for each of the units (including the ones that didn't have them before). These are on as word docs at the moment. I don't know if the ones that used to be on there are still accessible though, sorry.
  • amyjayne27
    amyjayne27 Registered Posts: 314
    Thanks to both of you, found it now.


  • Abbie28
    Abbie28 Registered Posts: 42 ? ? ?

    I really dont understand the CBE i have attemted this exam twice and i still dont get it i failed twice but im doing the same as i would in paper based exams ? can anyone help ? also does anyone have access to the answers ? Many thanks and pleease help! :)
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