Hourly rate on clients site?

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I know that there have been hundreds of threads about charging but the majority I have found have been based around fixed costs.

I have recently been made redundant as my employer ceased trading and I am now trying to be full time self employed. I have got two days work a week for £10 per hour but thats because that is all they can afford to pay. I got this through the accountant my old company uses - its another of his clients who are struggling.

I have seen a vacancy advertised for a company who want someone to go to their offices one day a week self employed to do the following: -

• Bookkeeping • Maintaining general ledger • Project reporting (weekly/monthly/ad-hoc) • Invoicing clients • Run aged debtor lists, send out statements and general credit control • Payroll – to manage weekly and monthly payrolls • Maintain petty cash • Supplier invoice payments • Bank reconciliation • VAT returns • HMRC PAYE calculations • Finance record keeping

I have no idea what hourly rate to go in at - they want to meet with me during this week. I need clients as I desperately need income as I got no pay out from my last job! However I dont want to give a rate which will be too high and they will go elsewhere but I also dont want to undercharge

I have just got my MIP license, I am registered as self employed and I have insurance

Please help!



  • snowmarauder
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    I have had a look on the web, I just typed freelance bookkeeper and it tokk me to a site where people were advertising themselves, you can then see the rates they charge and average it out for your area etc Good luck, Im looking into freelancing for sole traders and partnerships
  • burg
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    Bookkeeping is usually somewhere between £10 and £25 per hour. I would go with what your gut instinct is. I would usually advise don't undercharge as it is hard to get out of that habit. But you say you need some kind of income. You may choose to go in lower on this one to get some income and then try more at your target rate when quoting for other jobs.

  • Psyche
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    I charge £20 per hour for this, however I am thinking of raising my fees (possibly after an introductory period) since I am really really fast! :)
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