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Hi there

I have just been looking at some bookkeeping franchises online & wondered if anyone knows anything about the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise, or Accounting Express. The Rosemary franchise seems to specifically target people who aren't qualified, as they are just taught to input into Sage.

Accounting Express uses online bookkeeping, but I'm not sure which software they use.

If anyone knows anything about them, thoughts or opinions would be most welcome.

Many thanks


  • burg
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    Can't say I know any bookkeeping franchises. Only really know of tax assist accountants. But I would say if you are going to join a franchise you need to make sure that the public have a good awareness of them and a positive one at that. Otherwise what are you paying for?

  • Monsoon
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    Agree with Ian.

    There's an excellent discussion on accounting franchises here which should cover similar issues to the ones which you should consider.

    To be honest, if you don't need the support of a franchise organisation in terms of training or ongoing support, then I think the money spent on franchise fees could be much better spent on targetted marketing etc.
  • JaffasGirl
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    Another bookkeeping franchise i know about is Boogles Ltd.

    The lady that started the franchise is an AAT member (i'm sure she was in the AAT Brochure..) and ICB member and i'm sure it says somewhere that you have to be qualified and have a certain amount of experience. If you going to invest what will probably be a lot of money, you would be better off with a company that wants to protect the reputation of the franchise.
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