Client wants to see receipts......what shall do???

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I need soem advice about issue I have with my client. As I run with my friend building business we already made extension. There were a lot of extra work involved meantime and changes to Plan Permission. However changes were implemented by engineers from local council. Client was aware of that and wanted to pay back extra costs include labour costs.
But she changed it after couple weeks and said she wants to see all receipts 'cos she has doubts that we might overcharged her. However that engineer who suprvises building site is delighted with job we almost finished and told Our client should be happy with quotation for extra costs as on the market price slightly higher than we asked.
So what to do? Show her photocopies? we have nothing to hide although in 5 years this 1st situation that someone asking for those


  • payrollpro
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    I would have thought your client was perfectly within her rights to see some evidence of the true costs of the amendments and some justification of the additional charges.

    Given that you are in business and, no doubt, have financial support I would have thought all the records were in place and easily retrievable. My advice would be to provide copies of all the comments made by the inspector and copies of all receipts for purchases but have the originals available for her to see as well.

    The originals are the property of your business but clients must be allowed to see them if necessary.

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    Thanks for Your answer
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    She has the right to see receipts, try to retrieve from create a list from Cheque book and even from the bank statement if you were not able to find invoices.
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    I help run various building projects, we'd never show receipts for costs. All we'd do is list additions and omissions from original agreed contract, with a cost for each of these.

    Its these amendments that should be documented and signed for each time a change to the job is made!
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