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Hi All

I have a friend who is a carpenter. He has an apprentice and intends to pay the apprentice some mileage. He's asked me how much he should pay.

I understand the 40p/25p rule, but I'm a bit stuck here...The carpenter's business is registered at his home, but they never work there - they're always working on site at clients. Should the carpenter be paying the whole of the apprentice's mileage? Should he be deducting 24 miles a day as this is the return distance from the apprentice's house to that of the carpenter?
I don't suppose he has any obligation to pay mileage so I'm just looking for some guidance as to what would be the best way to approach this for both parties.
I'm sure someone has dealt with this before and looking at HMRC hasn't really helped me, so I'd be really grateful for your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


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    You could pay the 40p on all mileage if not going to the usual place of work.

    Although it'd seem more reasonable to pay mileage less what would be the usual round trip to work, the 24 miles. Thats what we do.
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    Thanks PGM, that's ace!
    Much appreciated
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