Intermediate completed :D

hi, been checking my statement of achievement and have finally had my last unit logged off today. Can't wait to start level 4 in September.

I still need to try and get a job in accounts, there doesn't seem to be a lot around though at the moment. I have had interviews for accounts clerk/assistant positions and although I have no experience in accounts I have been told that I am overqualified for the position on a couple of them :( Also a lot of the lower paid accounts jobs require accounts experience but I only have office experience,

I am a bit worried that if I am unable to gain some experience soon then I will find it even more difficult once I have qualified (through exams and stuff not the one year work experience bit).

Does anyone have any advice, should I apply for stuff that requires a bit of experience and just hope that something comes up?


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  • SusieQtips
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    Hi Keane

    Many years ago I did a book-keeping course and progressed to GCSE Accounting and Computerised accounting. I was trying to get back into work after being a stay at home mum for 10 years. I hit the same problems as you, had the qualifications but no experience in accounts. I gave up and went to work in a large building society, but always wanted to work in accounts. Eventually 2 positions came up in a large organisation and I applied for them both and lo and behold I was offered the accounts position, due to my accounts qualifications and banking experience. I am now a lot older and my employers are supporting me in studying AAT (something I had always wanted to do but could not afford to). I have just completed Intermediate and can't wait to achieve Technician. What I'm trying to say is don't give up but try different avenues that could support your qualifications and give you experience. (I voluntarily audited the local school's foundation accounts to put on my CV).
  • keane155
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    Thanks Susie. I'll keep a look out for positions in accounts, I bet once you get some sort of experience it is so much easier to get another job in accounts. I'll have a look into vlounteering and see if I can find out a bit more about it. I need to find something soon, I was hoping to start ACCA or CIMA when I've finished Technician.
  • lisalashes
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    Have you tried temping agencies, they are an excellent way to obtain experience...........and they'll place you without having a formal interview with the company. Another advantage is they may well take you on permenatly. I started as a temp in my current role 11yrs ago!!!! They also very kindly pay for my studies!

    Good Luck
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