Unit 31.1 (35) HELP!

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Can someone help me?! At the moment I am doing unit 31.1 (35), accounting work skills and using bpp course companion,... on my own - I didn't buy a course from bpp. BPP text- book refers to the website www.bpp.com/learningmedia, this is what it says:

' we assume that you are using the data provided by BPP, which you or your lecturer can obtain from the BPP website (visit http://www.bpp.com/learningmedia and follow the links)'

When i go to the website there is nothing there to download and just a general information about courses and studying material. I am trying to speak to bpp but can't get anything from them. Can someone advise me where to download the material for this unit.

Your reply will be really appreciated!


  • keane155
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    Hi, I haven't used BPP, but have had a look at the website, there is a section for learning media where you need to log in http://aatqcf.bpp.com/login/index.php - not sure what is there but it might be worth a try.
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    I'm interested to know how you intend to take the simulations required for this unit (3 in total), given that you didn't buy a course from BPP. I'm in the same boat, having purchased a Kaplan book for this unit second hand, but I'm now coming to the stage where I want to take the simulations in late-August/early September. Any tips would be appreciated.
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