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Does anyone know what kind of questions interviewer ask for purchase ledger assistant ?


  • blobbyh
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    What would you say is your current level of accounts knowledge and experience and what level do you hope to be at in three years time?

    How big are the companies you've previously worked for, in turnover (if known) and approx. employee size?

    What software and systems have you previously had experience of and to what level? For example, low end (Sage and Quickbooks), mid-range (Iris Exchequer, Tas and Microsoft Dynamics) or high end (SAP)?

    Value and volume of invoices you've previously processed. 10,000 invoices per week of £1 each or one invoice per week of £10,000?

    Are you familiar with the double entries of invoices and payments and what accounts are debited and credited?

    Are you comfortable with the differences between normal trading expenditure and irregular fixed asset expenditure?

    Do you know the necessary journals required to correct coding errors?

    What was your authorisation limit - if any - for making payments?

    Are you familar with purchase ordering systems and getting 'signs offs' for payment?

    Can you reconcile indivdiual creditor accounts to the control account balance and know where to look for differences?

    Just a few I can think of right now so hope these help for a start?
    MOHMEDSALIM PATEL Registered Posts: 184 Dedicated contributor 🦉

    Thanks for your support.
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