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I am hopefully starting ACCA in September, Exam results for Technician pending :) but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the number of papers to do for each exam sitting. Originally i was told that most students try 2 papers at each sitting. The college told me that even taking three & seeing how i get on is an idea. To be honest one i think is crazy.

My boss has now suggested that although she feels I am competant in completing two exams for one sitting, that maybe for my 1st sitting I should just sit one exam so I can see the difference between the AAT & ACCA papers, and see how i go from there.

Just really wondering what everyone thinks about the papers & if anyone has already sat any ACCA papers, that could give me an insight on the difficulty of the papers.


  • PGM
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    You should be ok with 2, I'd avoid 3 though!

    I don't think you should stuggle too much as the initial papers aren't too bad...
  • Vics
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    thats what i though. Thanks very much.

    Did you do them in any particular order or did you just work your way through?
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    I changed the order slightly, some are more closely related so makes sense doing them at same time. And also ones similar to AAT are worth doing while you can still remember the subject.
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    I was told that F7 & F9 are related so advisable doing them together.

    in your experience what would you feel would be the best order
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    I'm hopefully going onto ICAS once my results are out and that's 3 exams in Dec 10, 4 exams in Dec 11 and a case study in Dec 12.
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    This interests me as I am asking myself the same questions at the moment...I was thinking of doing F6 first (taxation) as it is still fresh in my mind from AAT (and same FA !) but can't really make my mind up about the other one to go with it...F7 (financial reporting) has my favour at the moment but seems a big module..or F4 (law), or F9 ??
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    i've just sat my first ACCA exams. I chose F5 & F7. I thought F7 would be similar to DFS which it is, but a LOT harder! Im not taking the exams in order. Doing the papers i feel more comfortable with next. I havent sat F9 yet but i could imagine sitting F9 and F7 together would be quite tough
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    AAT to ACCA Papers

    My Centre advised doing F4 and F6 first and then continue doing 2 papers until towards the end and then attempting 3 papers. I thought 2 papers for AAT was bad enough, I really cannot see doing 3 papers in one go as I think I would really struggle. It is also pending for me upon exam results in August. I am however registered for ACCA and signed up at my centre - they just are not going to make me pay and process the paperwork until the results are out.
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    once i get to the professional exams i think i'll only sit 1 at a time. Its hard enough doing 2 at Skills level
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    I have this same issue,

    I'm just registering for ACCA, and i have no idea what first exam/emas to take

    my initial thought was too do them in order from F4 which i planned to do in December and just that one, but after reading this i'm not sure!!!

    I might do two!??
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