Sage Instant Accounts Version 15

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Hi folks

Has anyone studied the above software package as part of their AAT course? If so, I am also doing that at the moment. There are about 6 books to get through and at the end of it one should be quite proficient in the using the package (or so I am told). However, there does not seem to be any revision or summary where by students can test themseves on what they have learned.

Does anybody have any further info on this?



  • smulx
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    I'm wondering this too. Just finshed the first book and was about to do the practice stuff that the book says you should do, but it doesn't exist anymore. I was quite disappointed that I couldn't test myself.
  • A-Vic
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    I use instant accounts version 15 for work and its very simular to the line 50 and user friendly give me a yell if you need any pointers
  • Primble
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    i just had a book that kaplan had made up. not 6! Like Vic says if you use Line 50 you will find it a doddle.
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