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why tutor ?

I studied at one of the college for 3 consecutive years with one tutor and for 2 years for another tutor.

When I ask for reference, non of them willing to give me.
Does anyone can explain me why ?

my attendance was 100% and never been in trouble.


  • sdvsdv Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 585

    my attendance was 100% and never been in trouble.

    When writing a reference there are various aspect to cover in that recommenation

    1 Attendence
    2 Punctuality
    3 Attitude to work
    4 cabability/capacity to work at that level
    5 work completed on time, before time, after time or NOT completed
    6 Effective working with the course tutors
    7 Effective woring with class peers
    8 Communication skills
    9 Behaviour in class and in social situation
    10 working on own initiative
    12 opinion on recommendation

    In our college I have found tutors politely refusing to give a reference instead of writing a negetive reference. Effectively doing a student a favour by not giving a reference.

    But if you are working, then the employers would be interested to get a reference from your current employers then from your past college tutors. Would you agree?
    employer, oh no

    we have performance review every six month. mine not over exa. best performance in last 6
    attendance 100% never been off in 5 years. all around best.

    I found a position in finance but neither the current employer willing to give reference in writing or willing to fill the reference form nor tutor.

    Without it no use.

    Employer policy to give just standard ok, ok, ok, only
  • Bookworm55Bookworm55 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 479
    Some places have a blanket policy of not giving a reference. Or only one that confirms "person X was employed/studied here between dates A and B". It's not very nice, but try not to take it personally.
  • AK002AK002 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,492
    yup it stops any sort of comeback to them at a later date.

    I.e. your tutor says you're great and you go there and turn out to be rubbish (just an example)
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