AAT Diploma Level 4 DFS Books for Sale

aj7861 Registered Posts: 62 ? ? ?
If anyone is interested in the DFS books which are in sublime used condition then please email me on [email protected]

Limited Company Accounts (IAS) Tutorial 2nd ed for unit 11
Limited Company Accounts (IAS) Workbook for unit 11
* Also have the Workbook answer booklet which contains all the answers for the tasks in the Workbook.

Looking to sell both books together for about £15 plus p&p.

Email me for any furthur questions or if you wish to purchase.



  • aj7861
    aj7861 Registered Posts: 62 ? ? ?
    Just like to add both are Osbourne books and both books together are now £10 plus p&p instead of the original £15 or any sensible offers maybe accepted.

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