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Are there any past ECR CBE papers anywhere? I am currently working my way through the past paper exams, and just wondered if there are any computer based ones available to familiarise myslef with, as I don't want to wait until December to do the paper exam.

Does anyone know if the CBE exams are in the same format as the paper ones, with regards to the sections?

Many Thanks.



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    Hi Sally,

    I am doing FRA but I am sure there will be a CBA for costing, log on into myAAT and then in the search bar type in CBA. Click this then the different units come up and one practice exam will be available.

    As far as I know there is only one, but I did the FRA one and the format is the same, I think you just obviously don't have the long winded answers on the computer exam like the ones in the paper exams e.g. memos, letters etc.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • kerryhill100
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    yes there is one practice CBE for ECR on myAAT not sure exactly how I got to it though!!!

  • Sally5065
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    Ecr cbe

    Thank you - I will have another look for the practice one.
  • Sally5065
    Sally5065 Registered Posts: 48 ? ? ?
    Ecr cba

    Found the practice CBA!!!!!!!! Will make a start tomorrow
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