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Hello Everyone
I finished AAT in June and would like to go onto chartered study. I currently work in the public sector (for a school) and will possibly stay in the public sector or move back to a charity (if possible in this present climate!).
I just wondered if anyone was studying CIPFA and what they thought of it?

I also wondered if, for any reason, I eventually leave the public sector, whether CIPFA is accepted as a decent chartered qualification outside of the public sector for working in companies (but not private client accounts - not really my bag - just industry in general).

Many thanks everyone!


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    Hi I am an ACCA qualified Accountantant working in the public sector but do sit on a number of CIPFA working parties (re technical accounting and statistic collection) and attend their advisory network meetings and technical conferences.

    CIPFA is a fully fledged chartered body and a full member of the CCAB. Eventhough it is comparatively small it is very highly thought of and well respected. However, it has thrown all its eggs into the public sector basket and the higher level exams concentrate on strategic management of public sector and not for profit organisations. As a professional body it is extremely specialised.

    Outside of the public sector it is only really sought after by organisations who offer professional, consultancy or audit services to the public sector.

    CIPFA is more than an accountancy body, it works with central and local government in producing public sector accounting standards and legislation on financial issues through various codes of practice, as well as preparing national statistics and benchmarking data.

    Membership of CIPFA in public sector world is very prestigious (finding training sponsers and courses is not always easy) and even if you are not CIPFA qualified you end up working closely with CIPFA if you hold any vaguely responsible finance post in the public sector.

    Pre public sector budget cuts, holding a CIPFA qualification would not help you get a job in commerce or industry, but would open up the world of public sector accounting, auditing, consultancy and managenet to you. Post public sector budgets cuts ......... it will get better again!

    Good luck.
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    Many thanks ! That is really helpful Steve .
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