Would like to start unit 10

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Hi Everyone,

Would be greatful for any help, i would like to start my unit 10, i recieved my home study pack last year but decided to leave it to last and do my other units first.

I do not know where to start as the companion and course notes does not state how to go about getting an assesor etc..

Apparently i was meant to recieve an email, which i must have lost as i do not have it anymore. My baby is due in October and would like to get started on this ASAP and hopefully get it finished before then but my course provider, BPP are very very slow at getting back to me and have been waiting a couple of weeks for answers.

Does anyone have a copy of the email that they could send to me? This would be very helpful, my email addy is: [email protected]

Many Thanks,


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    Hi Zoey,

    I have forwarded you the email I was sent from BPP when I ordered Unit 10.

    Basically you have to complete the proposal form and email back to them, then I think they will allocate an assessor and approve your proposal.

    I haven't got this far yet as I sent off the proposal form but couldn't complete much of it as I was doing the simulation and have since requested this and completed another proposal form but haven't heard anything back which is a little annoying as this Unit was quite expensive! Need to phone them and chase it up which I should have done.

    I think it says they will try and respond within 10 working days when you email the proposal form back.

    One last point I believe that Units are valid for 18 months once you have purchased them from BPP so make sure you have completed it within this time.

    Good luck

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    i used BPP and the tutor Emma Axon is the one you want. She is excellent.

  • speegs
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    BPP have another excellent unit 10 tutor based in London, his name is Ray Helliar.
  • speegs
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    Once you get started, it you need any pointers, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    I am not a tutor but I enjoy mentoring and helping students (for free).

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