Argh everything has changed!

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I've been out of college for 18 months and went to enrol today for Level 3 only to be told that not only has the whole syllabus changed and that it is much harder but that the college will now only take on who they think will do well.

I'm absolutely gutted as on my Level 2 my attendance wasn't so great as I was pregnant. I then started level 3 and had to quit last year because I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I have a diagnostics test to see if I'm ready for Level 3 and I have to tell them why I want to do the course and sort of sell myself to them. I really really want to finish this time but no matter what I say my tutor will probably not pick me to start the course.

Can anyone help me to find some information on level3 and what each unit is about? I've been working hard on my previous work from last year but not sure if any of it will be of use this time round.


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    I don't think things are any harder, it's just set out differently.

    If you go on either BBP or kaplans websites, look under distance learning and then something like 'new standards' you should find a breakdown of each unit. Sounds a bit harsh that you have to sell yourself of this course, your paying, so if there's space you should get in.

    Good luck
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    The new units are also found on the AAT site

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