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Hopeipassx Registered Posts: 66 ? ? ?
How does everyone feel they may have done on the above? Results due 16 Aug? Ive made a silly mistake on one on the questions and now not sure.


  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800
    if you think you have only made one silly mistake then you will be fine.

  • CovTeej
    CovTeej Registered Posts: 41 ? ? ?
    I have no idea!!

    Two of us thought we must have missed out a page of questions or something because we seemed to finish about an hour before everyone else!!

    Plus, I have since printed off a copy of the questions to try again and was not able to complete any of it!

    Still, less than month to wait...
  • Andypandy
    Andypandy Registered Posts: 526
    I'm not even thinking about it yet - too busy trawling aroung the accountancy firms handing in CVs at the moment. Let's start stressing on the 16th.
  • snowmarauder
    snowmarauder Registered Posts: 99 ? ? ?
    i just did level 3, finance no probs, but i think im border for management acc/costings, well cant do anything now but revise for retake, good luck everyone xx
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