Writing speculative letters to gain relevant work experience

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Hi Folks

I am at the certificate stage of the AAT and out of work at the moment. I am now planning to write speculative letters to local accountancy firms, in the hope of gaining work experience.

Can someone please suggest what I should include in the letter? For example, shall I include the major topics covered in the course up till now, or shall I include that info in the CV.

Many Thanks


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    Unlike some others on here, I wouldn't put too much in the covering letter and simply let your CV do the talking. The reader will probably have limited time (and attention span unless they're already recruiting) and will want to cut to the chase.

    As for content, many accountancy practices will already be highly familiar with the AAT courses, so rather than writing out a list of the syllabus, write instead what you can do for them not what you've learnt for yourself: there is a difference.

    And don't limit yourself to working in an accountancy practice - try all local firms (who are arguably more likely to take you on if there are positions available).
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    Don't bother, Go to the Adult training section in your college and fill a form, they will contact and negotiate in behalf of you.
    When you go t job centre next ask the adviser about the adult skill build program, it is available from day one of joining the job seekers forces for anyone does not matter what age :)
    using this program is much better for you not to be used by these firms, also the training centre will be looking after you while you getting your training.
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