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Hello all
My professional cover is unable to perform this service anymore, so I need a new one. I am based in London (Hackney) and have about 20 clients, most of whom are self-employed or one-man limited companies. I do the basic stuff: bookkeeping, payroll, basic quarterly and annual accounts preparation and tax returns. Would be happy to provide professional cover in exchange!
Many thanks


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    Hi I would be happy to be your proffessional cover I am a MIP based in North London (Whetstone), I already have an accountant who is prepared to cover for me, I would suggest we have a chat to see if are skills are suited. I know we can send a private message with our contact details but I have not used this forum often enough to know how
  • Psyche
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    I've sent you a private message - did you get it? If not you can e-mail me at jcoderre at deathandtaxes dot biz.
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