AAT - ACCA (Revision Time Needed?)

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Hi everyone

I am currently awaiting my final result next month for DFS. Hopefully it will come back as a pass. I am going on to do ACCA through distance learning (try and save some money as funding myself)

Does anyone know how much revision you are supposed to put in a week on ACCA? I am going to sit 2 exams on each sitting. I was thinking 20 hours a week but I have heard some people say 30 - 40 hours!! A little concerned as I am working full time and going to be studying on a night and the weekends. How much is actually needed (guidance only, I understand everyone learns at different speeds). I have tried to post on ACCA discuss but no replies!

Any information would be great!




  • Paul24
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    Im doing CIMA and all I can say which may not seem over helpful is dont take too much notice of standard revision reccommendations. You will soon work out your own way, Im sure than an hours revision the way I do it now is worth a good evenings worth of revision the way I used to approach it when I started the qualification.

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    And it needs to be quality revision. Sometimes when I've been going out for the day I'll get up early and put a few solid hours in. Often get more done than when I spend a full day studying, listening to music and surfing the net....

    And well organised so you get to a reaonable level with all the main topics. No point trying to be an expert on the main points, and then they might not come up in the exam, this is where you rely on picking up points on the more obscure topics.
  • nicki25
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    Thanks both of you. Think I will just have to wait and see how it goes when I get started on it and take it from there.
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