do i chuck in distance learning and go to college? help please

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hi everyone

i hope this will make sense, just at a loss really.

basically i started home learning with Premier at the intermediate stage a few months ago, i have my first skills test for FRA on saturday.

I rang on monday to order the skills test and pay for it - they accepted payment, they also reminded me that i needed to register with AAT to take this test, so i did it that same day, yesterday so 19th july.

I then received an email today saying that as i hadnt registered with AAT before 1st july, i had to follow the new course structure and that meant returning my books at my own cost and getting new ones sent - also paying the fee of £532 which is the new amount outstanding for the course - this seems to include the fee for the next level too although unsure why exactly.

I dont have this type of money at all, and i am gutted that i got no pre warning that the fee's would change so much - surely they could of emailed my mid june and said if i didnt register before 1st the fee's would change? or even when i spoke to them yesterday about my skills test, they could of told me that as im registering now the fee's have changed - therefore giving me the choice whether to carry on or not, as as it stands im down by £105 for the AAT registration and no course to do.

I have just looked into colleges and there a space in my local college for sep - but i have to sit an interview, is this hard? even with them i have to pay the reduced fee of £220 with books on top of that at £65-£100.

so i guess im left with the choice as to whether throw it all in, pay Premier the new fee's or go to college and pay that fee - not that i actually have any of the fee's but i could maybe borrow it.



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    Hi Laura

    Are they charging you in full for the new course? So that you're effectively paying double or had you not paid in full for the original course? They shouldn't really charge you double as the support is still the same. I can kind of understand them charging you for new books but that doesn't amount to a full course fee.

    I'd ask them to justify why they're charging you double for the same course.

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