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Hi All

Been sat for a few hours and have a list of accountants to send my CV to however i have zero ideas what i am ment to put on the covering letter.

Any ideas would be great

Thanks in advance :)


  • SusieQtips
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    If you go onto then click on the rescourses tab at the top, then onto CV then on the left hand side menu, click on 11. covering letter. Hope this helps.
  • Andypandy
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    Hi Avic,
    I've been in the same position - the firm that was going to give me a training contract has shut up shop through a court case, so I'm back to square one. I've just used mine to explain how much I'd like a job in practice & why, & the fact that I'm happy to start at entry level (I think my last job title of analyst might have been putting people off, as in I might be after too much money etc). The covering letter is supposed to make people want to read your CV, but I've found quite a few of the secreteries read them whilst you're handing them over & want to know more. Let me know if you want me to PM you mine. Best of luck.
  • A-Vic
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    Thanks Susie found the e-learning link thats great - unfortunatley couldn't open the attachment example :)
  • blobbyh
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    Hi Vic,

    Here's another link which looks useful:

    I would still maintain that a covering letter shouldn't go into too much detail, probably no more than half a sheet of A4 with easily readable lines and paragraphs, especially if it's unsolicited and you're taking up the readers time.
  • Marga
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    I always have mine done in the same style

    Line 0 - Greeting
    Line 1 - Why you are applying for the job
    Line 2 - Why you think you would be good for the job you are applying
    Line 3 - How your background and experience would help on performing the role
    Line 4 - Gladly to provide more information if needed.
    Line 4 - Thank you
  • A-Vic
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    Thanks everyone some great tips going to have a go tonight :)
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