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I have recently received my licence as a MIP and also obtained my PII insurance. Can anyone give me any advice on where to start? I am currently producing some business cards and will be putting them in local places.

I've been licenced to do bookkeeping, payroll and financial accounts (management accounts)

Also I work full time at the moment and will be doing self employed accounts in my own time until I have enough money to give up my full time employment.

Any help would be most appreciated - I live in the Birmingham Area.


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    There are many different methods to gaining clients. Word of mouth works well and is obviously free. Networking cannot go a miss. It takes time building relationships but can work wonders over time. For me personally some money invested in a Website and Google Adwords has worked well. I spend a fair amount with adwords but I cover my outgoings virtually every month. I gain very little work from other sources. In the last 10 days alone I gained 5 new clients from Google.

    I have though spoken with others who have not had the joy. My tips for this method would be ensure you have a website that is different, stands out and is clear to your potential clients. After all its all well getting them to your website but you want them to stay. You can design sites yourself for free if you are willing to put the time in (I used for a while). Ensure your Adwords campaign is targeted to a specific area as well. Most people want an accountant local to them. Also remember to set a daily budget so you don't let the spending get out of control. Lastly but probably most importantly ensure you have the correct key words so you are getting exposure to people interested in your services.

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    Just to add to Ian's post, Yahoo adwords are MUCH cheaper than Google, and do yield results. Not tested it for accountancy but as it's significantly cheaper, might be worth a punt?
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