My Statement is not completed yet?

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I handed in my portfolio at the start of July, since then no more classes. Afew of my classmates have let me know that when they logged into their AAT accounts they can see they have completed the course. Mine has yet to be updated. I am worried i have failed even though i have done all units and skill tests to the teachers satisfaction. Do i need to be worried or would they have let me known by now if anything was wrong? Thanks


  • MWAUGH1983
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    Is there anything outstanding on the certificate, e.g. are all units competent with a date next to them?

    The portfolio from what I understand doesnt have to be competent for you to get the certificate or for the statement to be completed. I suspect that you have one or so units outstanding.

    My level was only completed last friday once they had their checks from aat. This was with Kaplan.

  • Focus888
    Focus888 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 46
    The only date that is filled in is my exam date. =( spoken to my tutor and she says her records show i have completed but she thinks the college might not have submitted my details but submitted all my other classmates :(. I am really stressing out here.
  • MWAUGH1983
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    If she has passed you then it is probably the case that the college hasnt reported the information yet. You are paying money so ask her tocheck ad enquire as you should have to do it and the only thing you can do is ash the tutor - aat will go by the infor they have and just tell you what you know which is on the statement of acheievement.

  • goldring
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    i had exactly the same problem with mine foundation level.
    you had to speak to your college or get your tutor to sort it out for you.

    it took just a few clicks of mouse for them to sort it out.
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