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I've just got off the phone with BPP who i ordered a 'Basics Plus' package with on the 1st July when the new standards started. I was told at the time I ordered it that it would take two weeks maximum for me to receive my course, as it was all new. I was a tad miffed (i wanted to get started asap, especially since they made me wait to start the new qualification) but still ordered it.

I received the text book, and question book about a week later, and was really pleased that i could get started, I called to ask for my login details for the online part (you can access the books, and extra questions) to be told that it wasnt ready yet, 'cause the course is so new'. Fine.

After two weeks, i email asking when my study programme would be sent, and when i would get my login details. I was told that the programme was out of stock/not printed/whatever other excuse they could think of, and that when they were available i would get one.

Now its been three weeks since I ordered the course, they have taken my money (all £120 of it!) and I still have no online login info or study programme, i just called them for an update and i'm now being told it will take a few more weeks till its all up and running.

I am hoping to take my exam new month so this part of the course, might not even be available then, so i will have spent money for that, for nothing, seeing as i could have bought the materials for not even a third of the cost.

I went with BPP cause i was told how good they were, and that their materials were good. (which they are, i cant fault the actually textbooks) but i didnt realise that when i ordered a 'Basics' course, their customer service was basic also.

Rant over!!
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