Diploma Pathway vs Technician

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I have heard that there is a new AAT qualification coming soon. I hope AAT this time will get the name right for the sake of oversees students where employers are not yet familiar with the AAT qualifications. In Europe its easier for employers to understand as they are familiar whereas for us overseas students things get better only when you are employed by someone who poses the AAT qualifications.

Why me ah seh soh?
Ever since Diploma pathway came into an existence, the employers were finding it difficult to know exactly in which category does AAT fall into, (Degree, Diploma or in between). As far as I am concerned AAT is an equivalent to the University Degree but many are finding it difficult to convince employers that AAT is up there with other degrees all because of the word Diploma!

Employers say the Old Route of Foundation, Intermediate & Technician was clearer to them because for them, Foundation=Certificate, Intermediate=Diploma, Technician=Degree

For this I am urging employers to have an easier to understand AAT qualification name for all. What do others think?


  • JaffasGirl
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    Well first thing, the AAT is not the equivalent of a degree. This is not trying to talk down the AAT because it is an excellent qualification, but it is in generally only considered equal to the FIRST year of a degree. Whereas chartered qualifications, are more like a degree (especially the ACCA, where you do one extra unit and get a BSc)

    The new AAT qualification has now started. It is now basically just the Diploma pathway but set out differently. So Level 2 is Certificate and Level 3 and 4 are Diploma.

    Hope that helps
  • rasbongo
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    Thanks Jaffas. Oh, i was never aware that AAT is an equivalent to the First year of a degree. I was of the view that AAT is equivalent to a University Degree! Did you say ACCA is almost a Degree? My thinking was that ACCA is more than a Degree an equivalent to a Masters. I think for us oversees students we need more information regarding our qualification and the existing ones.

    All along I thought that AAT is a Degree; then from AAT you go straight to ACCA which is an equivalent to Masters. For example in my country a University student who did a Degree in Accounting will be exempted from few subjects unlike the one who did AAT who would have more units exempted, thats where I even thought AAT is better than a Degree in Accounting.

    Make no mistake, i value AAT just wanted to know how it fares against other degrees.
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