Unit 10 submission to AAT

littlegreen Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
I have completed unit 10 on time and my tutor signed it of. Wile I was on holiday a tutor left me a voicemail saying that there is something with my enrolment form but nothing to worry about. I came back and found out that the fee for this unit was outstanding and this is why my Unit 10 wasn’t submitted to AAT. I managed to sort out the payment but have been told that I have to wait until September because everyone is on annual leave. Unfortunately I was planning to do ACCA so I need to sort out my exemptions before 15th of August. Does anyone had a similar situation and is there anything I could do.


  • speegs
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    Contact the AAT directly and tell them your situation. See if they will authorise your project as your tutor has already signed it off. Might work. Give it a go.
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