Can you fail because of your portfolio?

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What happens if they assess your portfolio and think you havent done enough? I have yet to get my statement updated and it is making me stress out. My teacher has told me that she has me as passed on her records but i am still worried. Can you really fail because of your portfolio? thanks


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    The answer is that passing the portfolio is essential, so if your portfolio does not meet the competent standard then you would fail.

    The aat system that colleges use for recording grades is held on the aat database, so if a student passes a unit the assessor records that the work passed (on the aat database), then the verifier confirms it (also on the aat database) and around 24 hours later you can look at your MyAAT record and see that you have passed.

    So my advice is to look on your MyAAT. It should show that everything is in order. If this was the case on 19th July, then your certificate will show it too.
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