USA Tax Returns?

Psyche Registered Posts: 187 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Hello there!

Anyone else besides me stupid enough to be doing US tax returns? :)

I'm an expat, always done my own taxes so I figured I may as well offer this service to clients. However, it gets pretty complicated (UK taxes are for kiddies by comparison!) when you have a high income, which is something I've never had to worry about -wink-

Would be nice to have someone to compare notes with, for instance Trafalgar has just said they will not provide PII do to US tax work, so can anyone recommend another provider?

Not sure whether I want to keep offering this service, but other firms I've contacted charge ridiculous prices even given how complicated it is, so I think it could be a good earner -- it would just be nice to talk with someone who has experience in this, so I can make a better decision.

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