SWOT Analysis - Unit 10

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Hi Guys,

starting my section 6 for this unit - im struggling to think of some stregths and oppourtunities and have two threats.

Im doing my report on the invoice processing system.

Could anyone give me some ideas or guidance as i am stuck!! :-(



  • Rinske
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    Think about the invoice processing system. How easy or hard would it be to fake an invoice and pay a fake supplier?
    I assume you work in this yourself, so would you be able to create a supplier/ invoice and get it paid without anyone else noticing?
    This is one for the fraud part, but can also be listed in the strengths or weaknesses.

    Is there a check before invoices are paid? Is there a check to see that the amounts paid are the same as signed off?

    If its all very positive, it's a strength, if you could think of ways to work around it with noone else checking it, it's a weakness.

    Try and think through the whole invoice processing system, write a walkthrough for yourself, which describes each step and look at that for weaknesses or strengths.
    Copy and paste those over to the strengths and weaknesses list and you might be able to use the walkthrough as introduction to the system as well!
  • exam panic
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    Think like you to complain about your boss to a friend say how bad he is ,he shouldn't do that but he should do that ,and waht is his strong point put first that will do you ..../
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