Am I over reacting?

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Had to stay really late last night as there was a credit card payment recorded through the till but there was no cc receipt. When I reconciled the cc machine (to ensure the payment had actually been put through as the cc machine and till are not linked) I discovered that a further cc payment had been processed which had not even been put through the till nor the receipt put into accounts.

Had to give up eventually and e-mailed everyone asking for the receipts asap this morning. Colleague turned up with the second receipt at 10.10 and simply said 'there you go'. Politely (I believe) I explained that it had caused me problems last night as I have to ensure that everything reconciles before I go home and the response I got was 'well I had back to back appointments and its not that long after the event'. I explained that I need to reconcile the till every night and transfer to Sage but was again told 'it's no big deal' and he left.

I would have left it at that except I have received an e-mail from him which starts with sorry but goes on to say that he will get someone else to deal with the payments in future i.e., send the customer to the Accounts department - not the way it works here for numerous reasons that I won't bore people further with!

This started me fuming again and on checking the time the payment was taken (13.59pm), which was at the end of his first appointment, his next booking was not until 15.30pm and the accounts department is approx 10 steps from the card machine.

So, after all that, my question is do I take things further? Not happy to appropach him again myself as he appears to want to make a point and not accept mine. Or do I keep in mind that I am a bit stressed about other things at the moment and that this is just a silly mistake? (although it is far from the first time this person has done the same thing)


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    I would be asking:

    Is it absolutely essential that this process has to be done every night or is it just an inflexible policy thing? You didn't do it last night and the company didn't go bust so is it simply an annoyance that this internal policy wasn't adhered to just once?

    Is the person higher than you or even a sales person since we all know fee earners have golden balls? If so, I'd be diplomatic, lots of people don't understand our controlled mechanisms and requirements. Sometimes we're seen to be over demanding by others and maybe should take a step back.

    I partly think you could be over reacting but that's just my own opinion and as rigidly controlled accountants we sometimes have to pragmatically suffer the idiocy and fallacies of "civilians"!
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    May be Accountant is just the person to count the company money that this in this company policy (not a good one ) .If You want to make rule you should go to manager first ask him/her to do the sticky job for you .
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