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working in accounts, it becomes apparant how "easy"! it actually is....... : o What do you thinks the most common? / easiest?

Disclaimer: By no meens do i promote or intend this disccusion being for fraudulent use! Im just shocked!


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    Where I work the stock/ordering system is very slack. Even though I request a physical check of our stock at month end I am given the excuse that the stores are 'too busy' to do it (even though it would only take 30mins tops). I think therefore it wouln't be that difficult at all to pinch any of our stock - however due to the nature of the items I doubt they would have much use to me.
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    is this a tips thread??? lol
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    We got some pretty strong ways for fraud preventions at work in Purchase ledger. But currently our shops would find it fairly easy to get away with a lot of cash if they tried. I can't get my head around it though, when I mention something like it, I got told you got to trust them on somethings, it makes you wonder though.

    I also have troubles trusting sales people to give me the right figures, which is exactly what I have to do...
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    lol... no its not tips grr! I work in private practice, so tax bills can be easily ammended? Also VAT seems so. so.... easy?
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