CBA for unit 6

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I missed the paper based exam in june so I thought I coud do CBA as they are available now. I accessed the model one online to practise but it sems to me that it has much more questions than the paper exam. Although the tasks are the same as on paper, there are more aditional questions that require calculatios and it took me almost 2 hours to comlete section 1. Has anybody sat both paper and CBA and can tell me if CBA seems tuffer than paper exam? Or maybe the online practise exam is not the true representation of the real thing and is just for the example of possible tasks and questions?


  • coojee
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    Have you checked whether the one you've done is for the new or the old standards? I didn't think they'd got them up yet for the new standards but I could be wrong and that would explain why you found it tough. If it was definately old standards then I can't help you, sorry.
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