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Hi, I use Sage line 50 and was wondering if there is anyway I can run a TB from Sage for the start of my new financial year (i.e. year end 31/05/2010 but haven't updated it yet and need to do Management accounts for June 10)

The accounts are bein audited at the moment but I need to send some draft accounts for june out?

Any suggestions?


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    Well I guess you could print out the nominal and then piece it together yourself from that. For the P and L you'd have to deduct the TB as at the end of the previous year. You do know that there's nothing to stop you closing last year down don't you? It doesn't matter that the accounts aren't finalised yet as you can still enter any adjustments into last years accounts if need be. Just remember to enter them to the reserves code and not income or expenditure codes where relevant (for example, if they make an additonal accrual, say DR accountancy, CR accruals then you would do DR Reserves and CR accruals) If you do this then you can start running your management accounts as normal. Also makes it easier for entering all transactions as you don't have to keep clicking to agree to enter transactions outside of the current accounting period.
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    Thank you for your message, I didn't realise to be honest that you can update sage into the new year and post any final adjustments after. so thanks for that.

    All done now :)
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