Technician Options - need some advice!

Help! I'm now a bit confused about my options for Technician so could really do with some advice. I've got unit 32 to do (assuming I've passed the June exams) so am looking into my options.

I had planned on taking the two tax modules as I have a feeling (based on nothing at all really) that I would find these the most interesting. Problem is I have just found out that, since I have done unit 15 at intermediate, I only need to do one option at Technician if I'm on the new QCF.

Apparently I can still do the diploma pathway but think I would prefer to not have to put the pressure on to pass four exams by June. I'll still have to do four (excluding the project) since MAC seems to have turned into two to bring it more into line with the NVQ pathway, I think, so there's no real advantage there.

So, basically, which tax module would you recommend? I was planning (if my head hasn't exploded by then) on going onto ACCA afterwards so would there be a difference with the choice of options?

Also, another unrelated question (sorry, I know I'm going on a bit!) for anyone who has gone/is going on to ACCA. After lots of fruitless searching I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this - I may be being a bit thick but am a little worried about their requirement for 3 years experience. I have 10 already but know it wouldn't count as my MD is not chartered (in fact, has absolutely no understanding of accounts no matter how many lovely graphs, diagrams etc I do). Is the experience they mention only necessary if you wish to set up in practice or without it are the exams no use?

Hope that last bit makes sense - and thanks for staying awake to read this far!!
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